Metrics in

Hoplin does not have any dependencies on any existing metrics libraries but rather it provides a way to hook into the underlying metrics via MetricsPublisher interface. Metrics expose a number of key/value pairs that are updated and send to metrics consumers. Depending on which client we use the metrics key will be different and it … Read more

RabittMQ batch message processing

There are times when we want to fire set of jobs and be notified when all of them complete. This can be easily accomplished with the latest version of RabbitMQ client. A use case for using batch messages would be partitioning a document and processing each partition via separate client. As always we need … Read more

RabittMQ RPC Request/Response example

RabittMQ RPC Request/Response example using library Following example creates RPC client and then setups Async response handler, which follows by the request to get processed. Hoplin client supports both Direct-Reply and Queue per Request/Response patterns. This is the binding that is used to create our client. A lightweight RabbitMQ client for Java (built on top of rabittmq java client)

A lightweight RabbitMQ client for Java (built on top of rabittmq java client) Documentation and project available at GitHub repo To make working with RabbitMQ as simple as possible with minimum dependencies. Minimal dependencies, simple configuration and API. Subscriber client Publisher client Async RPC Client Creating simple RabbitMQ client can be done in couple different … Read more