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Reveres engineering Alienware keyboard

USBPCAPStarting USBPCap with following command as per instructions from here ; USBPcapCMD.exe -d \\.\USBPcap1 -o – | “C:\Program Files\Wireshark\Wireshark.exe” -k -i – Selected capture options result in empty capture. Browsing the source we can see that this is caused when all these conditions are true /* Sanity check capture configuration. */ if ((data->capture_all == FALSE) … Read more

ScheduledExecutorService in Python with asyncio

Running scheduled tasks with ease in Python. This implementation API is based on Java ScheduledExecutorService but it has been pythonized. There are other methods of running scheduled tasks in python but this seems like a natural choice for asyncio. The source code for the scheduler can be found here The schedule_with_fixed_delay is the primary … Read more

After a year of hiatus, I am back

Not much more to share here. I will be publishing a bi-weekly post on technology-related things. This was due to the loss of my domain name after 14 years and it was used as a spam aggregator. Companies like Godaddy and Afernic should be held accountable for the spread of malware and spyware.

Machine Learning Datasets

Collection of some useful datasets for machine learning. Some are free some require registration Machine Learning Datasets TC-11 Online Resources (Text, OCR, Signatures) Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems

Metrics in

Hoplin does not have any dependencies on any existing metrics libraries but rather it provides a way to hook into the underlying metrics via MetricsPublisher interface. Metrics expose a number of key/value pairs that are updated and send to metrics consumers. Depending on which client we use the metrics key will be different and it … Read more

RabittMQ batch message processing

There are times when we want to fire set of jobs and be notified when all of them complete. This can be easily accomplished with the latest version of RabbitMQ client. A use case for using batch messages would be partitioning a document and processing each partition via separate client. As always we need … Read more