RabittMQ RPC Request/Response example

RabittMQ RPC Request/Response example using hoplin.io library

Following example creates RPC client and then setups Async response handler, which follows by the request to get processed.

Hoplin client supports both Direct-Reply and Queue per Request/Response patterns.

RpcClient<LogDetailRequest, LogDetailResponse> client = DefaultRpcClient.create(options(), bind());

// rpc response
	final LogDetailResponse response = new LogDetailResponse("Response message", "info");
	return response;

// rpc request
final LogDetailResponse response = client.request(new LogDetailRequest("Request message", "info"));
log.info("RPC response : {} ", response);

This is the binding that is used to create our client.

  private static Binding bind()
        return BindingBuilder
                .to(new FanoutExchange("rpc.logs"));

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