Android Daily Deals Agent – ImpulseShopper

Update : Beta released First beta have been unlished on the Android Marketplace. So far so good, some one reported that the program crashes(unknown cause) Overview This is idea for my Daily deals agent that will monitor certain sites for daily deals. Current sites to consider – woot | shirt | wine | sellout … Read more

TabWidget demo project

Sorry it took little longer than expected, run in some issues with cupcake (SDK 1.5) I have attached a Demo project for all interested with  some screenshots and modified .project for TabWidget Project(fixes cupcake problem ref if you use eclipse. 1. My env: Eclipse Version: 3.4.2 Android SDK 1.5 Windows 2.After you import the … Read more

Carme GPS Tracker for Android

My frist Android app, this is simple GPS tracker program that let us record our tracks, store  and share them. This project uses my custom TabWidget for Android. Main features Record Playback Share via Email (Google Earth) Share via Twitter  (in progress) Exporting to SD Card Tagging (in progress) I use icon from , … Read more

Custom Android Tabs

Due to limitation of Android Tab component I created a custom TabWidget that I am using in couple different projects already. The widget allows us to  add custom background and use custom icons, tabs   can be Top/Bottom aligned. Currently tabs can launch new Activity and  Dialog , when starting new Activity we can use  “startActivityForResult” … Read more