Polish Sausage – Polska Kielbasa

This my second attempt at making some polish sausage by myself, results were really good but not exactly what I was expecting.

Flavor was really amazing with typical aroma of polish sausage, on the other hand, meat texture was not, by the time we figured out that the blades go other way in the grinder we have mushed half the meat instead of grinding it. That process made meat more like a slim jim then a sausage.


  1. 10 pounds pork ham
  2. 5 pounds pork bellies – I have cutout about half of that
  3. 5 pounds beef
  4. 7 heads of garlic
  5. Marjoram
  6. Pickling salt
  7. Pepper to taste

After I figure out names of the remaining spices I will update this post.


This is the key to a good sausage in my opinion, many people make a mistake thinking that at higher temp the food will get done faster. I have smoked sausage at 170-190 deg Fahrenheit for about 6 hours, this is a long process but it is worth the results. I have replaces home build smoker with the one you can see int the pics, it holds about 20 pounds of sausages with some room to spare. Smoker itself is gas operated which makes controlling temperature a breeze, it has water and chip pan at the bottom.

Lessons learned

  1. Remember to put in blades to the grinder the right way otherwise it just doesn’t work(duh)
  2. Drinking and using sharp knifes doesn’t go together, ask my friend


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  1. I love Polish foods and am always searching for new ideas to try out in my kitchen. Fortunately my family loves the food which I make too so it is a win win situation. I will definitely have to try some new recipes.

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