Handling ENTER in TextBox, ASP.NET

Well here is my way on how to handle the ENTER key on the TextBox in asp.net so it execute my method call instead the default form action.
I have a textbox and a linkbutton that invokes the search, but I also would like to hook up to that linkbutton when I press ENTER on the TextBox so I would perform the search, but by default it would invoke the form submit which is not what we want. So here is a quick solution using javascript, I know there are other one but this one is short and it works well.

<asp:TextBox ID="txtSearch" ClientIDMode="Static" runat="server" CssClass="searchbar" 
					EnableViewState="true"  ></asp:TextBox>
		   <asp:LinkButton runat="server" ID="lnkTopSearch" 
				onclick="btnSearch_Click"  ClientIDMode="Static" CssClass="searchbutton" > </asp:LinkButton>
	  <script type="text/javascript">
		$(document).ready(function() {
		$('#txtSearch').keypress(function (event) {
					if (event.keyCode == '13') {
						__doPostBack('ctl00$lnkTopSearch', '');

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