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Our EventEmitter in PhantomSQL is based on NodeJS version so they should be compatible. Here are couple examples on how to use the emitter. Basic usage of registering and listening to an event. "use strict";   const {EventEmitter} = require(’events’);   // Dump all the args em.on(’hello-event’, (…arg)=> {"Hello event handler : " + arg)}); […]


Creating Javascript accessible object from C++ / CEF

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Example with Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) on how to create an object in C++ and make it accessible via Javascript. console.inof(api) Object {ready: true, version: "psql.0.0.1", info: Object, getVersion: function}console.inof(api) Object {ready: true, version: "psql.0.0.1", info: Object, getVersion: function} void ExtractEngineApp::OnContextCreated( CefRefPtr<CefBrowser> browser, CefRefPtr<CefFrame> frame, CefRefPtr<CefV8Context> context) {   auto info = CefV8Value::CreateObject(NULL, NULL); info->SetValue("major", […]


BigCommerce Mod : Custom product tabs

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This is a simple mod that allow us to have custom product tabs in BigCommerce system, there is no limit on how many tabs you can have. Our final result will be this. Mod This mod requires modification to only one file /Panels/ProductTabs.html Step 1 Add current JavaScript to the existing script tag /** * […]