Run MD5 check sum against all files in a directory

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Couple snippets that allow us to run checksum and get unique md5 checksums. This is two step process. First, we obtain our md5 checksum for all files find -type f -exec md5sum "{}" + > /opt/checklist.chkfind -type f -exec md5sum "{}" + > /opt/checklist.chk This produces file with following contents 71cc452a8ac5a27c32a83e6a0909e7ae ./PID_190_7344_0_47710322.tif6712032974632727465.tiff 71cc452a8ac5a27c32a83e6a0909e7ae ./PID_190_7344_0_47710322.tif174464329785828524.tiff 71cc452a8ac5a27c32a83e6a0909e7ae […]


Random number between two values

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This is a small utility class that allows us to obtain a random number between two values that are uniformly distributed in the range of ‘low’ to ‘high’. This works for floats, doubles and integers. The inner working of this class are straight forward, our uniform(int, int) method uses the nextInt(int) method of Random class […]