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  1. Hey Greg,
    Would you mind me using (parts of) the SpeedTest source code in an application i’m developing in the context of my thesis for my Master Civil Engineering?
    I’d rather ask beforehand 🙂

  2. Hello and Greg and thank you for sharing your project (sorry for my english).
    Well… I’m new in Android and Java but i would like to learn development for Android devices.
    So I’ve installed Eclipse Indigo and SDK Android and plug-in and… and downloaded your source code to see how it works.
    But in Eclipse there are many errors and the program doesn’t seem to work for me.
    First error is: “failed to load properties file for project speedtest”. So I’ve tried to fix proerties problems with Android tools but same thing.
    have an idea for helping me.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Instead of importing with the Eclipse>File>Import menu, use the Eclipse>New>Android Project>Create Project from existing source.
    It will warn you to use the import dialog, but ignore it. Using the import dialog will not connect all of the moving parts of the Android SDK to the project, and trying to do it manually with the “Configure Build Path” did not work in my case (same error, failed to load project properties.)

    To make the application work, I:
    1. Copied project-properties from an old project (may not be necessary)
    2. in Res/values/string.xml, changed <string name="…" to <string formatted="false" name="…" where the errors were.
    3. Added to the AndroidManifest.xml.

  4. hi friend

    i download your source code and make the android project using eclipse indigo. But it seems so many error.how do i solve this problem.PLZ help me


  5. @pinky: Import existing Android Code Into Workspace then right click on project to Configure Build Path. When the new dialog show up, click on Android and choose the Project Build Target. Finally, just modify some code in string.xml follow Math above.

  6. I got from u r blog for downloading internet speed is simply superb!!!!!!!
    But i want how to get uploading internet speed …plz help..me.. put a point direction for me…

  7. HI,

    If instead of showing speed in textview i want to display it in a real time line chart in same application.Can you pls help.

  8. I want to develop speedtest server and android application. Being a newbie in this domain, i have few queries:

    Which Programming language is best / easy to get it done?
    Above source code is for android app only or server side setting as well?


  9. When I am using the built-in download manager. I can download 10mb file in 5s. But using the application , 828.125 kbit /sec .. ?

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the code, its really very helpful.
    But its for downloading speed, how to determine uploading speed.
    Please help me

  11. Hi,

    For different mobile its giving different downstream rate
    Why is it?

    Please help me

  12. Hi,

    I am not able to access code or apk file, it shows file at server is missing and i am not able to find GitHub link also, so if you can provide me.

    I need to look that for my project.

  13. I have downloaded the source code and installed the speed test on my Nexus 5 running API 22. However when I click start test it says “Detecting…” and then it unexpectedly shuts down with out printing anything. The logcat says it’s an java.io.EOFException which possibly indicates that the file is empty. Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated.

  14. Never mind. I resolved the issue. Turns out the file you provided doesn’t exist anymore on the server. I just replaced that with my own file that was hosted on dropbox.

  15. Hey Guys,

    I am new to Android as well and working on a app which will pull all network related info along with Cellular network upload and download speed. I downloaded the code using Eclipse ..But this will not resolve as it places few errors on Res –>Values–> Strings.xml file. anybody having the same issue while importing this project ?

  16. Hey,

    Could you please provide some idea, how to do it with multiple threading to find out bandwidth of network, i am new programming so i didn’t find any way to measure bandwidth could you help me in this.

  17. For testing uplink you will ftp,sftp etc.. server where you can upload data and then track that that information. For security reasons I can’t offer that as bunch of Iranians,Russians and and other have been killing my server with just downloading.

    I might, I will be posting code in couple days, most likely on github.

  18. Hi Greg ! Nice code for the speed test ! Do you have the UPLOAD SPEED sample code posted ?! Tks !

  19. Hello Greg,
    Amazing code,helped a lot..Thanks!!..Just a request could you please provide a code for the UPLOAD speed?
    It would be great..

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